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Accused Of Domestic Violence? What To Know

The issue of domestic violence went under the radar for far too long. Victims sometimes had to continue to endure assaults because the alleged perpetrator was living under the same roof. Law enforcement, however, now enforces domestic violence laws and is trained in what to look for when a call comes in. Unfortunately, the wide net cast by the law can catch innocent p

What Should You Know About Remarrying And Your Divorce Decree?

Many believe the most stressful part of the divorce process ends when they sign the papers. While it is true that this settlement brings some relief, you might face unforeseen consequences of the decision. For example, you will still have to consider your divorce decree and how it affects your future marriage plans. So, if you are previously divorced and marriage is o

3 Ways You Can Use Family Law To Secure Your Family's Inheritance

Nothing is more important than family because the bonds shared with your loved ones give you a sense of belonging. And if you're from a close-knit family, your loved ones have likely been there for you through thick and thin and will continue to be there long after you're gone. This is why many investors think about their loved ones when amassing wealth. You'll agree

Taking Personal Injury Action Against An Employer

Long ago, employees could take legal action against their employer if they were hurt on the job. However, workers compensation insurance put a stop to that by offering employees benefits without having to take the company to court. Now, only certain types of cases merit taking an employer to court. Read on to find out more. Use Your Insurance First Almost all on-the-j

Father's Rights And Child Custody

There are many times during divorce and custody hearings when the mother may overlook the father's requests. This leads to fathers in this situation feeling as though they have no rights when it comes to the case. If you find yourself in this position, your first step should be to contact a child custody lawyer. Here are some of the ways they can help you and assist y