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Accused Of Domestic Violence? What To Know

The issue of domestic violence went under the radar for far too long. Victims sometimes had to continue to endure assaults because the alleged perpetrator was living under the same roof. Law enforcement, however, now enforces domestic violence laws and is trained in what to look for when a call comes in. Unfortunately, the wide net cast by the law can catch innocent people too. Read on and find out more.

When Law Enforcement Responds

Calls that involve a couple fighting with each other automatically sets the stage for a domestic violence incident. Not only do these incidents present officers with some tough decision-making, but they are also dangerous. Many officers end up being hurt by the parties involved in a domestic violence incident.

Unfortunately, when law enforcement is called upon, someone will probably end up going to jail. In the past, many domestic violence victims shied away from pressing charges against their spouse or partner. They might have been wary of reprisals if they did so. However, now charges can be brought based on what the officer observes at the scene whether the alleged victim cooperates or not. That can mean that innocent people are sometimes hauled off to jail and must fight to clear their names.

When the Allegations Are Untrue

It can be tough to prove what happened when an alleged victim sets out to get a partner in trouble with the law. Relationships can cause people to do horrendous things to someone they supposedly cared for. It's vital for those falsely accused of domestic violence to seek help immediately from a criminal defense attorney. In many cases, disturbed people who make false allegations will try to take back their words when they realize the impact. However, you may be stuck with the charges regardless.

Understanding the Implications

Being convicted of domestic violence can bring serious consequences. In many places, this form of assault can call for jail time and probation. You may not even be allowed out of jail in some cases. If you have been denied bail because of a false domestic violence charge, speak to an attorney. Defendants facing these charges need to be out of jail to prepare their cases. If you are released on bail, take care to follow the rules and never contact the alleged victim or go near their home.

You can fight false charges and have them dropped. Speak to a criminal attorney and find out more.