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Father's Rights And Child Custody

There are many times during divorce and custody hearings when the mother may overlook the father's requests. This leads to fathers in this situation feeling as though they have no rights when it comes to the case. If you find yourself in this position, your first step should be to contact a child custody lawyer. Here are some of the ways they can help you and assist you in receiving the custody arrangement you would like to have. 

Paternity Testing

In some cases, you may face having to prove paternity in order to obtain custody of your child. This is something that can be handled by the judge. Either your spouse's lawyer or your lawyer can request a paternity test. At this point, the request will go before the judge. The judge over your case will approve or deny the request. If it is approved, you will have the testing done by the court-appointed authority in the matter. This is usually a clinic that works with the courts on paternity testing. The test results will be sent to the judge and read aloud during court. 

Ability to Provide

One of the issues many fathers face is proving they can provide for the child in question. You may begin to feel like you do not have the resources that match the mother's resources. There are several ways you can prove you have the resources to provide what the child needs. One way is to show you have ongoing childcare with a possible backup option available. If you are a stay-at-home parent, you will need to provide proof of income. Keep in mind that the basic items your child needs are full care by you or a caregiver, food, housing, clothing, and education. 


During a child custody case, one of the issues that may be brought up in court deals with employment. You may find yourself having to prove your employment, how much you make, and other issues related to your employment status. Your child custody lawyer will discuss these with you and discuss ways you can prove your employment. if you are on disability or are retired, your lawyer may advise you on the best steps to take to obtain the proof of income paperwork you need. 

Remember to try and gather the most information you can to help your case. If you are wanting full custody, you need to prove you have the resources to meet that expectation. This may mean showing you have childcare options in place, school information, and housing information. Depending on your particular custody case, your lawyer will let you know what you need and help you compile it. 

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