Always Stand Up For Your Legal Rights

Always Stand Up For Your Legal Rights

How U-Turns Often Lead To Lawsuits

U-turns are a very dangerous maneuver to make. While legal in some areas, a U-turn is explicitly banned in other areas with "no U-turn" signs posted. The U-turn causes the driver to enter into on-coming traffic and it takes longer for the driver to complete the U-turn than it does to finish other turning maneuvers. It also takes longer for the driver to get back to no

How To Increase Your Odds Of Winning Your SSDI Case

When most people first file for social security disability benefits, they realize it is often an uphill climb. Many first applications are denied. You may even receive several denials. This can get frustrating and cause you to give up your efforts. Fortunately, there are some things that can increase your chances of winning your case. If you are denied your benefits o

Another Option for Custody: The Bird's Nest

Child custody arrangements have become vastly more child-centered over the past couple of decades. It used to be that the arrangement was typically one in which the child stayed at one parent's home for most of the time while seeing the other parent every other weekend and a couple of evenings a week, or something similar. Now there are more arrangements that take the

3 Misconceptions About Prenup Agreements

Marriage can be a wonderful partnership for many couples. However, it can also be problematic and physically/emotionally overwhelming for others. In these cases, a divorce may be necessary. During a divorce, it is important to remember you are ending not only a physical relationship but also a financial one. Dividing property and assets is not easy for most couples, b

Tips For Dealing With A Roommate Litigation Case

When you want to win your case in court, it's always important that you hire the help of the right attorney. After rooming with someone that doesn't pay rent anymore, you will definitely need the assistance of a civil attorney. By considering the points in this guide, you will have the chance to win your civil case so that you can handle any matters defending yourself