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The Workplace Extends Beyond The Premises In Compensation Law

People often think of workers compensation claims as only covering events that happen on a job site or within a company-controlled building. Consequently, many people overlook opportunities to get compensation when incidents happen beyond what they might think of as the traditional workplace. For legal purposes, the workplace often extends beyond the company's premise

Inventory These 5 Things Before You Start Estate Planning

In order to accurately divide up your estate after your passing, you must first understand what your estate consists of. This is a process that most people should begin before they meet with their estate planning attorney. It involves making five key inventories. Here's what they are and why they matter.  1. Your Physical Belongings Your estate consists of everyt

How To Co-Parent With A Narcissist

Co-parenting can be challenging, even under the best of circumstances. When you are co-parenting with a narcissist, the situation can become even more difficult. Narcissistic individuals often have a distorted sense of reality and tend to put their own needs and desires above those of others. This can make co-parenting with a narcissist an especially challenging task.

Matters That A Divorce Attorney Assists With

Divorce can be a complicated and emotionally charged process that involves many legal and financial issues. When a couple decides to end their marriage, they often turn to a divorce attorney for help. A divorce attorney is a legal professional who specializes in family law and can provide advice and guidance on various matters related to divorce.  Divorce Petitio

5 Common Issues That Can Come Up During Probate

Many people elect to have a trust instead of a will so that their loved ones can avoid the probate process. That is because there are known complications that can come up which will make the process long and frustrating for those involved. You'll want a probate lawyer on your side to help you handle the following issues. There Are Beneficiary Disputes If there is no w