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Taking Personal Injury Action Against An Employer

Long ago, employees could take legal action against their employer if they were hurt on the job. However, workers compensation insurance put a stop to that by offering employees benefits without having to take the company to court. Now, only certain types of cases merit taking an employer to court. Read on to find out more. Use Your Insurance First Almost all on-the-j

Father's Rights And Child Custody

There are many times during divorce and custody hearings when the mother may overlook the father's requests. This leads to fathers in this situation feeling as though they have no rights when it comes to the case. If you find yourself in this position, your first step should be to contact a child custody lawyer. Here are some of the ways they can help you and assist y

What Should You Do When Your Ex Leaves The State With Your Child?

One of the challenges in a divorce is that one spouse might want to leave the state with the kids. This could be for a perfectly legitimate reason. For example, the spouse might have a new job opportunity or might need to move to be closer to a sick family member. However, this can create complications when dealing with child custody disputes. How to Stop Your Ex When

Agreements Your Legal Advisor Will Recommend To Enable You To Spend Enough Time With Your Kids

The law gives each parent a right to participate in their children's lives after divorce. Therefore, you have the freedom to discuss and decide on an agreement that will provide you and your ex with enough time with the kids. However, choosing an arrangement that will be workable for you, your partner, and your kids might be challenging. Therefore, you should consider

Am I Qualified For SSDI Benefits If I Suffer From Severe Depression?

Depression is a downcast mood that lasts for more than a few days. It is a psychological condition you can be diagnosed with which has the potential to be very debilitating. In some cases, you might even be entitled to compensation through the SSA if you are able to prove that you are suffering from depression. To accomplish this, you might need help from a disability