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Am I Qualified For SSDI Benefits If I Suffer From Severe Depression?

Depression is a downcast mood that lasts for more than a few days. It is a psychological condition you can be diagnosed with which has the potential to be very debilitating. In some cases, you might even be entitled to compensation through the SSA if you are able to prove that you are suffering from depression. To accomplish this, you might need help from a disability claims lawyer.

Depression is a Common Reason to File an SSDI Claim

If you file a claim for SSDI benefits because you are suffering from depression, you are not alone. Filing for SSDI benefits for depression is one of the most common reasons to file an SSDI claim. However, to be able to file for SSDI benefits when you are depressed, the SSA needs to be convinced that your depression is severe enough to prevent you from being able to work.

How a Disability Insurance Lawyer Can Help

Because the SSDI can be very strict regarding when they will allow you to receive benefits, it's a good idea to at least have an initial consultation with a disability insurance claim lawyer before you will need to gather evidence to prove that your depression is severe to be able to receive benefits. 

How to Qualify

To be considered depressed, you will need to be suffering from several of the following conditions:

You will also need to be severely limited in your ability to interact with other people, in your ability to manage yourself, in your ability to remember, or in your ability to concentrate or perform tasks. These limitations can make it more difficult for you to focus.

Medical Documentation Required

To prove to the SSA that you are severely depressed, you will need to ask your disability insurance claim lawyer about the medical evidence you will need to prove that you are fully disabled. The types of records you will need include:

With the right medical records, the SSA will be more likely to approve your claim. But even if your claim is initially denied, there are other steps you can take to increase the odds that you will receive SSDI benefits.