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Things You Should Do Before You File For Divorce

If you have resolved that you are going to divorce your spouse, there are a few things you should do first. It is important to prepare in advance for certain situations that might otherwise turn your plans upside down. This is especially true if you have been the stay-at-home spouse/parent. Get a Job Custody is almost never awarded to a parent that has no income and n

Innocent Until Proven Guilty: Knowing Your Rights When Charged With A Crime

For the average citizen, being charged with a crime is something you rarely think about until it actually happens. It could be something as small as a few too many drinks that lands you with a DUI charge or even being at the wrong place at the wrong time that lands you with a charge of unlawful intent. Whatever it is that lands you in hot water, being arrested can mak

Consult An Attorney If You Discover These Signs Of Abuse In A Family Member Living In A Nursing Home

Being able to put an elderly or infirm family member in a nursing home can be a major relief to you and your family, as long as this loved one is receiving the care that he or she needs. Unfortunately, there are cases in which nursing home residents not only fail to get the care that they require, but can also suffer various forms of abuse at the hands of staff.

Tips To Help You Manage The Financial Changes That Accompany Divorces

Divorce will cause many different changes in your life. While it can be easy to focus most of your attention on the emotional impacts of the divorce, there will also be important financial impacts that will need to be handled. When you are in the midst of going through the divorce, you will benefit from being informed about managing the challenges that you will go thr

Before Buying Life Insurance: Four Considerations to Make

. With a growing family, the idea of life insurance becomes more and more like something you need to protect that family. Without much information, however, it is easier to make life insurance choices which may not cover your family adequately. Before you buy any of the policies out there, think about the considerations below. 1. Policy Type You may not even know that