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Agreements Your Legal Advisor Will Recommend To Enable You To Spend Enough Time With Your Kids

The law gives each parent a right to participate in their children's lives after divorce. Therefore, you have the freedom to discuss and decide on an agreement that will provide you and your ex with enough time with the kids. However, choosing an arrangement that will be workable for you, your partner, and your kids might be challenging. Therefore, you should consider consulting a lawyer to help you choose the best. The lawyer might recommend one of the following arrangements depending on your situation.

Choosing the Joint Arrangement

The arrangement allows both of you can have almost equal time with the kids. You will spend time with the kids for a particular duration. Then, your partner will live with them for some time as well. The arrangement will only work if you and your ex-spouse are ready to cooperate because you must communicate regularly. Therefore, if one of you cannot communicate with the other, your lawyer might advise you to choose a different arrangement.

Dividing the Children Among You

Split custody might be hard for the court to approve this arrangement because they might not want to split children between parents. However, your legal advisor might help you convince the judge that this is the best arrangement for your situation. For example, if some kids prefer to live with you, your attorney will argue that they might not be happy if they live with your spouse. The court might also allow you to live with some of your kids if they have special needs, especially if the judge feels you will give them the best care.

Opting for Total Control

Sole custody comes in if your partner is incapable of taking care of your kids because they are disabled, mentally challenged, or have other issues. In this case, you will have the right to live with the kids and make all child-rearing decisions without contacting your ex. However, your partner has the right to visit the children. Your lawyer can help you get an order to supervise the visits if you feel that your partner might hurt you or the kids.

Choosing the best agreement can be challenging if you don't know the one that will consider every party's interest. That is why you may consider working with an experienced custody attorney. They will assist you in choosing the best agreement and help you navigate the laws to ensure that the option you choose does not cause disagreements in the future.

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