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How U-Turns Often Lead To Lawsuits

U-turns are a very dangerous maneuver to make. While legal in some areas, a U-turn is explicitly banned in other areas with "no U-turn" signs posted. The U-turn causes the driver to enter into on-coming traffic and it takes longer for the driver to complete the U-turn than it does to finish other turning maneuvers. It also takes longer for the driver to get back to normal speed. Because of the risk posed by a U-turn, the driver performing this maneuver is more likely to be held liable for the accident.

U-Turns at Intersections

In many states, you are not allowed to carry out a U-Turn unless it can be performed safely. Therefore, the mere act of having an accident while performing the U-Turn makes it illegal and leaves the motorist liable for the accident. Your accident lawyer will simply need to prove that the U-Turn was made from the wrong lane. 

Turning from the Wrong Lane

Making a u-turn from the wrong lane can be especially hazardous especially if the driver does not use a turn signal. There are several vehicles that the driver could turn into including the driver in the lane next to the driver and the on-coming traffic. You may either be hit by the driver or another car may move suddenly while trying to avoid the driver performing the U-turn and hit you.

Seeking Compensation After a U-Turn

Proving a u-turn case can be difficult because the other driver might argue that he didn't make a u-turn. Therefore, you'll want to speak with an accident lawyer who can help you build a case that will support your version of the events. However, once you prove that the defendant was performing an illegal U-turn, his actions will be considered negligent "per se." This means that he will be considered negligent on the basis of having performed the u-turn as long as you didn't also commit a crime that would make you partially at fault.

Outside of no-fault states, you will need to prove that the other driver was negligent to be entitled to compensation for your injuries. You must then prove that the damages that you suffered were the result of the negligence carried out by the defendant. Therefore, you'll want to contact the police as soon as possible. If the driver is charged with an illegal u-turn and pays the fine, you'll find it much easier to prove that the driver was negligent and caused the accident.