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Was Your Child Bullied And Then Physically Assaulted At School? Get Legal Protection Fast

Every day when your child is at school, you should know that your child is safe and that they don't have to fear the other children that they go to school with. You should also be able to be confident that the teachers and staff at the school where they go will protect your child if there are any risks or complications, especially with another student. If your child was physically assaulted and harmed so badly you questioned if they would live or what their quality of life would be, you need to act quickly to get a personal injury lawyer. Immediately talk with the lawyer about these things.

Previous Bullying and Risks

If you can prove that you had already talked with any type of staff member at the school about bullying and fears, this accident should have been prevented. Documentation of incidents where other kids were punished for the bullying, email trails to the teachers and administration, and any other proof all indicates that your child was at risk and the staff knew it. You want to get this information to your lawyer fast, along with any eye witness accounts of the bullying.

Type of Injuries Sustained

A lot of the leverage in the case will be focused on the type of injuries that your child sustained from the attack. The following types of injuries are more likely for criminal charges and compensation lawsuits:

You will have to talk over the details with your lawyer and have a medical professional discuss the injuries with them. This way the lawyer can get a timeframe for the healing and therapy, and what type of problems your child may have for a lifetime because of the injuries.

If you know that the school could have prevented an issue where your child was badly injured and taken from school in an ambulance, you need to seek legal coverage. Your child shouldn't have to suffer because someone else has decided that they were going to neglect threats and problems with your child, and because they allowed a bully to harm them physically. Gather all the evidence that you can possibly have and make sure that you don't leave out any details of the case during your first consultation.