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3 Ways Your Car Insurance Should Pay You Back After An Accident

After you have been in an accident, you are going to need to work with your car insurance company to come up with a settlement offer. Depending on the nature of your accent, there are multiple ways that your car insurance should pay you back depending upon your coverage level. Three ways that your car insurance may need to pay you back include vehicle reimbursement, medical cost coverage, and lost wages.

#1 Vehicle Costs

If you have full insurance on your vehicle, your insurance should cover the damage to your vehicle no matter who was at fault. When you have full coverage on your vehicle, all damage, intentional or accidental, is covered.

Your insurance company should send out an adjuster to inspect your vehicle. The adjuster will determine if your vehicle can be fixed or if it needs to be written off as totaled. If the vehicle is written off as totaled, you need to make sure that you are given a fair value for your vehicle. Search for the value of your vehicle on the open market in your area, and make sure the value of your vehicle on the open market is comparable to the amount they offer you for your vehicle.

#2 Medical Costs

Second, your insurance should cover your medical costs. You are going to want to keep a log of all the treatment and tests that are ran on you in relation to your injuries from your car accident. All of this information should be shared with your insurance company and they should be billed for all of your medical care.

Your settlement should cover all of your medical bills. If you are still receiving medical care, you are going to want an attorney along with your medical team to determine the future cost of medical care for you to ensure that your settlement will not only cover your current bills but your future bills as well.

#3 Lost Wages

Finally, your insurance may also cover your lost wages. For example, if you were not able to go to work for an entire day because you had to deal with going to the doctor and getting your vehicle towed, you could get reimbursed for your lost day of wages. Or, if you were seriously injured and had to take a week off of work, you could get reimbursed for your lost wages for the entire week.

Be sure to have your attorney look carefully at your policy before accepting a settlement and make sure that your settlement covers all the different areas that you qualify for a reimbursement or settlement in. Contact a law office like Gary L Baker Attorney at Law for more information and assistance.