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3 Things To Keep In Mind When Going Through The Custody Process With Your Ex

When you split up from your spouse and you have children, one of the downsides is that you are going to need to go through the custody process with your ex. When going through the custody process, be sure to show that you are willing to work with your ex, take advantage of your parental rights and ask for an in-home custody evaluation.

#1 Be Willing to Work With Your Ex

Do not fight against your ex throughout the entire court proceedings. Continually fighting with your ex and refusing to compromise could actually have a negative effect on your custom hearing. You need to show that you are willing to compromise occasionally and work together with your ex to come up with the best custody arrangement for your children.

For example, if your ex asks if they can have the kids for a special family event that happens when you usually have the kids, agreeing to a custody switch for that special event shows that you are willing to work with your ex. When faced with custody obstacles, always try to put forth a compromise that benefits your children.

#2 Take Advantage of Your Parental Rights

Next, while you should be willing to work with your ex, you should also make sure that you are taking advantage of your parental rights. If you get to see your children, make sure that you see your children every time you are allowed to see them. If you are allowed to call your children when they are with their other parent, be sure to call and check-up on them each time you have them.

When you have your kids, don't just do fun things with them. Ask to see their homework and make sure you are aware of how your children are doing in school. Assign your children chores and expect them to participate in normal household tasks. This shows that you are interested in all sides of parenting, not just the fun side of it.

#3 Ask for an In-Home Custody Evaluation

Finally, you don't have to wait for the court to order an in-home custody evaluation, you can also ask for one. An in-home custody evaluation can be a valuable way to show that you are providing for your children. It provides you with an opportunity to show the court the way that you handle your children and how you provide for them. If you feel that a negative picture is being depicted of you in court, this is a great way to show the court that you are doing things right.

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