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3 Important Pieces Of Evidence A Car Accident Attorney Can Get To Help Your Case

Whether it is just a fender bender or a full-on collision, any car accident can be one of the most nerve-wracking experiences you will ever face as a driver. To make matters worse, it is not uncommon for the responsible insurance company to give you hard time when you have to file a claim for your damages and injuries. Hiring a car accident attorney could easily be deemed as the most important thing you do after a crash. Specifically, because these professionals are experts at obtaining the evidence necessary to help you win your case. Here is a look at some of the important pieces of evidence a car accident attorney can sometimes get to help your case:

Surveillance Footage

After a car accident happens, one of the best things you can do is take pictures because a picture is well worth many words. However, having a video that actually shows how, when, and why the accident took place is even more valuable. Unfortunately, video surveillance can be hard to get if you go at this alone because most business owners are not willing to turn over their footage to just anyone. An attorney knows how to go about getting this footage by utilizing the local laws and rights of viewing to your advantage. 

Expert Testimony 

Expert testimony does not often have enough bearing that it singlehandedly wins a car accident claim for you, but this can definitely help your chances. Car accident attorneys work with different expert witnesses on a regular basis, whether it is a collision expert, medical professional, or other figures with expertise in a field relative to your claim. Therefore, they will have no problems pulling out a name and number for someone who could survey the details of your claim and provide highly valuable insight in court that could help your case. 

Witness Statements 

Imagine this scenario: You witnessed a car accident a few weeks ago, but think nothing of it when one of the involved parties ask for your contact information. A random person starts trying to contact you, but you don't put two and two together or you simply don't want to be bothered. Unfortunately, this is a common scenario when you try to get witnesses to your auto accident to get on board on your own. Your car accident attorney will have much better luck getting witness statements because they are a recognizable public figure with an air of authority.